setting the stage for a great event

We do more than just show up and play music for your event.  We host and guide the party for your special occasion.  We keep the energy high, and your guests on the dance floor.  We have chameleon-like abilities to read all different types of crowds and adapt accordingly.  We mix your must play songs in with other songs your guests will love.  We get on the microphone for announcements or to generate enthusiasm, but mostly we let the music do the talking.

We could go on and on about our DJ Booth, but what you really want to know is:  Will the music sound good?  So good!  And, it won't matter if your venue is large or small or indoors or outdoors.  Our sound system can handle it all.  We use several high end speakers for superior clarity and tone.  Will there be enough lights on the dance floor?  Absolutely!  Our light show includes over a dozen lights, so there will be a constant display of colorful rays creating the perfect atmosphere for lots of dancing!  



Do you have liability insurance?  Yes, and we can provide a certificate to your venue upon request.

Will you travel outside of your city for any event?  We will, but we do charge a mileage fee for events outside of our area.

Do you have a wireless microphone?  Yes.  We use a professional wireless microphone system with crystal clear sound and excellent range.  This microphone is available for client use during events (if needed) for speeches, announcements and the like.

What kind of music do you play?  We understand everyone has different tastes in music, and each party has it’s own style.  That is why our client's requests always come first.  Our music library includes thousands of selections from every genre, and we update frequently to add the latest hits.  If there is a song you want and we don’t have it…we will get it.

Will you play guest song requests?  We love taking requests and interacting with the guests.  However, if the client prefers to play off their specific list, then we will politely decline or suggest a song the client has already agreed on.

Can we see more photos of your booth setup?  Lucky for you, we take lots of photos!  See below...

The following are photos of our larger setup which is used for bigger events such as wedding receptions and dances.  

The following are photos of a smaller setup we use for more intimate events such as wedding ceremonies.  

As a Director of Events at a large performing arts center, I didn’t know what to expect when hiring a DJ from two states away. I have high standards, and was nervous about being stood up by the vendors we selected. Not at all the case. A Sound Choice Productions was recommended to me by Grand Occassions in Spirit Lake and I was impressed that they returned my message quickly, we discussed the package that was worth every penny, and the contract was sent right away. Maggie and Mike confirmed with me a week prior, and offered to have special songs in the queue and ready to go. The night of the birthday party, we asked for a collection of songs from the 50’s through the 80’s and Mike read the crowd perfectly. The dance floor was packed, requests were honored and we had the room dancing for four hours straight, and I think it was 99 degrees with 100% humidity. The feedback I have received from our guests has been incredible and I am grateful that we went with A Sound Choice! You won’t be disappointed!