Mike & Maggie Compton   

You've probably heard the saying, "in the right place at the right time".  Well, that's how we became DJ's.  Here's how the story goes...

Mike comes home from work one seemingly random day, and amid the scurry of making dinner casually mentions to Maggie that a coworker has decided to sell their DJ equipment and wondered if he knew anyone that might be interested in buying it.  Time may have stood still for a moment, and (as Mike tells it) "Maggie got that look in her eye".  The rest is history.

It turned out a DJ business was the perfect fit for us, and we've gotten really good at it.  If you’ve ever had a job where you just know you’re doing well, you know how we feel!  It’s always satisfying to complete a job well done, and that is multiplied when you can see your happy clients dancing in front of you followed by a heartfelt thank you at the end of the night. 

There are a lot of DJ's that do what we do.  They share a similar passion for music.  However, our clients recommend us to others because we understand the power of music to transform your event.  We DJ because we love seeing people having fun, connecting to the music, and making memories...and that shows through in all we do.  Now, we might be biased, but you won't find two nicer professionals to work with.  When clients thank us we always here two common themes:  "you did such a great job" and "thanks for being so wonderful to work with".  We are committed to having a great DJ business, and we put our hearts into every single event.  

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our wedding! The music was amazing and we received so many compliments on it. You were great to work with and we will definitely recommend you to all our friends.